CUSTOM MAGNETIC PP POSTER | Removable Self -Adhesive | Homopolar Magnetic Board Film

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Print your indoor wall posters with our high quality magnetic PP.

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    So elegant!. Highly Reusable! You’ll receive this high quality print stylized wall décor. Indoor PP poster with ecosolvent ink with 6pass large format inkjet printer. Pumpkins design with blushes tool.

    The Ordinary Gift products have been modified to help people connect and share in meaningful and unique ways. Each product is designed, printed and produced in house by “The Ordinary Gift”.


    A1-A4 size magnetic PP print, black back
    A1-A4 size -Homopolar Magnetic Board – The Ordinary Gift Is an officially registered Brand in the UK. (PP paper from responsibly sourced sources)
    These size might have slight variation as it can only be cut by hand due to the thickness of the Homopolar Magnetic Board


    • No need for wall frames
    • 100% Reusable, Can stick on anything
    • Printed with Ecosolvent ink for suitable indoor environment

    Product Information

    This product is mean mostly for indoors. It can be used to print your pictures, company or employees pictures, pictures of your goods and services etc

    • Material: Magnetic board.
    • Application: Indoor advertising
    • Good sheet stability & lay flatness.
    • Promotion poster
    • Warning poster
    • Menu display
    • Customer information
    • No need for banner stand.
    • Removable anytime

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Application guide:
    • Remove any unwanted particle from the surface of the wall.
    • Stick the magnetic board first on the clean  surface.
    • Start from the centre and use a flat edge to remove bubbles.

    We offer free delivery to any country in the world via DHL

    Additional information


    500mmWx500mmH, 600mmWx1000mmH, 800mmWx1000mmH

    30 reviews for CUSTOM MAGNETIC PP POSTER | Removable Self -Adhesive | Homopolar Magnetic Board Film

    1. Tito (verified owner)

      The product is firmly packed.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    2. Richard (verified owner)

      Good quality print. No traces of residue on the wall. I recommend

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    3. Robert (verified owner)

      I ordered this product as a duty roaster for our class room. Good quality print with bright colours. I can reuse my magnetic board and only order for the PP print only. Good value for money.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    4. Anna (verified owner)

      Good quality print and the quality of the board is equally good. Using this in our restaurant as a sign post for rest rooms. I definitely recommend.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    5. Dominic (verified owner)

      One think I love about this product is the fact that it is reusable and can m=be moved from one board to another. I recommend this product if you need something as such.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    6. Zane (verified owner)

      Good quality print. Fast delivery and value for money.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    7. Robert (verified owner)

      I ordered for this product after reading the company’s article on it. Fast delivery. Good quality print and value for money.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    8. Bryan (verified owner)

      Excellent service, fast delivery and too cheap for the quality of the product. I definitely recommend this company\’s product.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    9. Wendy (verified owner)

      Quality print. Value for money. Fast delivery.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    10. Hayden (verified owner)

      Excellent service definitely recommend

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    11. Joe.W (verified owner)

      Quality print. Fast delivery. I wasn’t sure of what to expect when I was ordering. But it turns out to be exactly what I needed on my door. Will be buying more definitely. The board film glued the poster very well to the door.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    12. Edward (verified owner)

      Came in one piece. Definitely loved it.

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    13. Tito (verified owner)

      Good quality all the time. Thank you TheOrdinaryGift

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    14. Nolan (verified owner)

      Excellent service form TOG as always. Very fast delivery. I recommend.

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    15. Mike (verified owner)

      Magical. The speed of shipping is worthy of praise. Good service than I thought. Yes I recommend

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    16. Thompson (verified owner)

      When you talk of quality and affordable products, think TOG. Yes I recommend

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    17. Matthew (verified owner)

      Good quality all the time. I will definitely be returning for more purchases.

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    18. Logan (verified owner)

      Love this product works so good for me

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    19. Sebastine (verified owner)

      Great product use it in every morning

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    20. Philip (verified owner)

      Good delivery times and a really good price. product is excellent

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    21. Edward (verified owner)

      Find this product perfect

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    22. Ella (verified owner)

      Very happy with this product. Just about to order more.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    23. Chacha (verified owner)

      so lovely

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
    24. Vango (verified owner)

      Great speed for delivery by TOG. I have bought soaps from them a few times and then this. Fantastic product, excellent company to deal with, would highly recommend all their products

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    25. Tito (verified owner)

      Find this product perfect

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    26. Philomena (verified owner)

      Good quality and fast delivery

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    27. Lucas (verified owner)

      Excellent customer service & fast delivery. Not used this product yet but trust it will be perfect.

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    28. Charlotte (verified owner)

      Very good quality was, I love it I will definitely buy more

      Size: 600mmWx1000mmH x 1
    29. Tania (verified owner)

      What can I say no complaints at all with the quality of the product are nice and big…fantastic delivery I’m almost ready to order more 🙏

      Size: 800mmWx1000mmH x 1
    30. Mason (verified owner)

      Great product; great price; great company to deal with. Highly recommended.

      Size: 500mmWx500mmH x 1
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