3Pcs CARROT PUREE + TURMERIC | Cucumber | Coconut Oil Handmade Soap | Luxury Soap Collection with Clamshell Gift Box – 3 Soaps, VEGAN | Shear Butter Oils (Free Cards)

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4 different colourful clamshell gift box packed with our 3 vegan soaps.

A perfect gift to someone you love.



SCENTS / Fragrance
Honey fragrance + blossom scent.


Because we love what we do and believe in transparency, this soap is made up of the following:

65% Olive oil, 35% Coconut oil, 5% shear butter

All soap bars will be wrapped individually before being placed in the box, to ensure they stay fresh and protected during shipping .

Each soap weighs a minimum of 75ggrams, so a total of at least 225grams of lovely olive oil + coconut oil + shea butter handmade soap in every box. (Please note some bars may weigh slightly more due to it being a handmade product)

-All products are packaged by hand, and clearly labelled. Including batch numbers, and ingredients on the back of the box.
– Certified ingredients are used
– Vegan & Animal cruelty free
– Handmade in the UK
– I do offer wholesale, so please get in touch
– Free A6 size thank you / personal card beautifully designed by The Ordinary Gift
– Dried botanicals and carrot puree are added to the soap bars – images shown


These two soaps were carefully hand-made with the most authentic, fresh and natural ingredients in order to ensure that your skin colour is beautifully and naturally toned, as well as safe for your skin. These two perfect combos is suitable for people who desire to brighten their skin colour as a result skin discoloration.

In Carrot & Tumeric soap, its active ingredients are carrot and tumeric. Carrot is known for containing antioxidant for skin glow and Vitamin C for making skin vibrant. The turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory, wound healing, skin calming, fight against eczema, skin glow enhancement and lots of other benefit to the skin.

In the same vein, in the Cucumber & Aloe vera soap, its active ingredients are aloe vera and cucumber. Aloe vera contains astringent which is perfect for deep cleansing the skin. Aloe vera is often used as skin moisturizer when your skin feels dry. Aloe vera is also known to contain antiaging ingredients that helps our skin to regenerate. Cucumber is known to contain vitamin C and caffeic acid which helps to stop inflammation and skin irritation.

All these and more are the main active ingredients you will benefit by using our soap. Our soap does not contain weird artificial scent but rather natural fragrance recipe that forms part of the main ingredients of the two soaps.


1 Clamshell Gift Box, 1 A6 size personalised goodwill message floral Card and 3 Soap Bars.

Please use the form and tell us the name to appear on the card and the celebration card you want.

For other personalised gifts please use the link below:


Additional information


Dark Red, Navy blue, Pink, Black


Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Thank you cards

Paper Size

A4, A5, A6

8 reviews for 3Pcs CARROT PUREE + TURMERIC | Cucumber | Coconut Oil Handmade Soap | Luxury Soap Collection with Clamshell Gift Box – 3 Soaps, VEGAN | Shear Butter Oils (Free Cards)

  1. Dominic (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

    Paper Size: A4 x 1
  2. Eva (verified owner)

    Came in one piece. No crack. Perfect wrapping. Definitely loved it.

    Paper Size: A6 x 1
  3. Hope (verified owner)

    The same quality always. This is my second order and it feels the same way in all orders.

    Paper Size: A5 x 1
  4. Angel (verified owner)

    The scent of this soap is so mild and lovely that I literally lives in my bathroom every night during shower. Yes I recommend.

    Paper Size: A6 x 1
  5. Uj (verified owner)

    A perfect soap for my body. No skin reactions. No rashes. It soothes my skin. I recommend.

    Paper Size: A5 x 1
  6. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    This company’s products are of good quality. Fast deliver. I will be buying more

    Paper Size: A6 x 1
  7. Philomena (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. I recommend.

    Paper Size: A5 x 1
  8. Gabby (verified owner)

    Definitely loved my order. Very fast delivery. Quality product. Yes I will continue to buy from TOG

    Paper Size: A5 x 1
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